Mark Arts

The Masterworks of Richard Schmid

Presented by the K. T. Wiedemann Foundation

Internationally acclaimed American painter Richard Schmid is known as a master of realism, painting subjects directly from life. He is a leading proponent of “alla prima” –  or wet-on-wet oil painting. Mark Arts is the exclusive nonprofit arts organization worldwide for the display of 19 of Schmid’s artworks thanks to a long-term loan from the K. T. Wiedemann Foundation. The collection also includes two pieces by Clyde Aspevig, one by Nancy Guzik and a bronze by Geo Carlson.

Kristen Thies, Schmid’s representative and owner of West Wind Fine Art, provides the following history of Schmid’s achievements:

Richard Schmid was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1934. His earliest artistic influence came from his maternal grandfather, Julian Oates, an architectural sculptor. Schmid’s initial training in landscape painting began at the age of 12 with the Chicago painter Gianni Cilfone. Subsequent studies in anatomy and figure drawing allowed his entrance at 18 in to the American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he studied the full range of classical techniques under William H. Mosby.

Mosby, a graduate of the Belgian Royal Academy in Brussels and the Superior Institute in Antwerp, was a technical expert on European and American realism. While studying with Mosby, Schmid worked exclusively from life, at first using the conceptual and technical methods of the Flemish, Dutch and Spanish masters and eventually the celebrated late 19th Century European and American painters.

Throughout his career, which has seen 50 one-man shows, Schmid has promoted art education through his books, articles, workshops, seminars and television presentations. He travels widely for his subjects and currently lives in New England with his wife, the award-winning painter Nancy Guzik.

“Spring’s Promise”
oil by Nancy Guzik

Richard Schmid holds a doctorate in Fine Arts from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art in Old Lyme, Connecticut. He was awarded the John Singer Sargent Medal for Lifetime Achievement by Richard Ormond, Sargent’s grandnephew, from the American Society of Portrait Artists Foundation at ceremonies at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2000.

Other medals include the Centennial Gold Medal from the California Art Club as well as the $100,000 Arts for the Parks prize, which was presented to Mr. Schmid by then-Vice President Herbert Walker Bush in 1987.

The Wiedemann Collection also includes the exclusive plein air painting of Schmid’s oil, Abbotsford House, the home of Sir Walter Scott. The masterwork was presented to Queen Elizabeth II during the Royal Opening of Abbotsford’s new visitor center in Melrose, Scotland in June 2013.

Doug Pringle of the K. T. Wiedemann Foundation and Kristen Thies, Richard Schmid’s emissary, present Abbotsford House (oil 30” x 50”) to Queen Elizabeth II.  Photo is courtesy of the Abbotsford Trust.

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