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Versus: A Live Art Battle – Entry Page

Versus: A Live Art Battle is a live artist competition featuring 12 painters and 12 three-dimensional artists. Four artists at a time compete in a 20-minute round. Audience members will vote for their favorite in each round to award the People’s Choice Champion. Professional jurors will award an overall champion in each category.  Versus is an annual fundraiser benefiting the educational mission of Mark Arts.


The painting winner of Versus: A Live Art Battle will be highlighted during a Versus Champions Exhibition and have the honor of being called the Versus: A Live Art Battle 2020 2D Champion!

The three-dimensional winner of Versus: A Live Art Battle will be highlighted during a Versus Champions Exhibition and have the honor of being called the Versus: A Live Art Battle 2020 3D Champion!


Versus provides a unique platform for artists to increase their exposure and gain professional experience. Significant event promotions will focus on the artists that participate in this fundraiser and how they help Mark Arts achieve its mission of being a vibrant arts hub. In addition to the work creating during the live art battle, participating artists can exhibit up to three works during the event that are for sale that evening (size restrictions apply). During the Meet the Artists Party for VIP guests, artists are encouraged to discuss these pieces and explain how their creative process is impacted when time restrictions are removed. For your reference, at past events the price ranges for these works have varied greatly with sales occurring for pieces ranging from $85 to $500 with the average sales price of $250. We want your work displayed to be things you would like to sell and representative of your artistic vision and skill. Mark Arts takes a commission of 40 percent.


– Submit three digital images representing the best examples of your work.

– All entries will be judged from digital images.

– Artists must be over 18 years of age, and each entry must be wholly designed and executed by the artist within the past two years.

– Submit artist’s Curriculum Vitae and one head shot photograph to be used in event publicity and marketing.

– All artwork created during Versus: A Live Art Battle becomes the property of Mark Arts and will be sold as part of the fundraiser with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Mark Arts.

– Mark Arts reserves the right to reproduce artwork for publicity and marketing purposes.

– The artist bears all responsibility for any insurance coverage related to the live battle and transportation of their artwork.

– Artists will be given a $50 stipend for supplies.

– The work space during the live art battle is approximately 6’ x 6’.

– Aerosols are not permitted.

– There is no application fee.

– Artists may exhibit up to three works at the event. Each work must be for sale and is subject to a 40% commission.

– The winner of each medium as selected by the judges will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at Mark Arts.

Artists can use any size canvas under 1,000 square inches, or a 24” x 36” canvas will be provided. Artists also are responsible for the medium used and all other tools and supplies needed to create. Mark Arts will provide an easel.

Mark Arts will provide 25 pounds of clay, but artists may sculpt in other media. Artists are responsible for all other tools and supplies needed to create. Potter’s wheels will be available and must be requested at the time of application. Open flames are not permitted. Prebuilt armatures are permitted. Clay may be wedged and slab-rolled in advance. Other materials may not be folded or cut in advance.

Entries must be received by February 21, 2020, to be considered for the event on April 3, 2020. Selections will be made by the screening committee in February, and applicants will be notified in writing.

For further information, please contact:

Laura Roddy at 316.932.1782 or