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Frank Lloyd Wright Allen House

slide1-1440x558Mark Arts is pleased to partner with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House as we work to promote the study and appreciation of art, including architecture and design, through educational programs, exhibits, lectures, tours and events. The Frank Lloyd Wright Allen House Study Center was established at Mark Arts in January 2015. Visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Allen House website at:

Frank Lloyd Wright Study Center Now Open at Mark Arts

Come and experience an artist and his work. The Frank Lloyd Wright Student Center gives you the opportunity to view several pieces and design aspects of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Allen House. A new exhibit is being installed, and the study center will reopen September 8. It is open Tuesday – Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m., and admission is free.

Writings of Frank Lloyd Wright: By and About
Opens September 8, 2017

Explore writings by numerous authors, including Frank Lloyd Wright, that reveal how one man’s prolific career changed the way we live in our homes today. The now-popular open concept floor plan was one of Wright’s many innovations that has improved the quality of life for homeowners everywhere.  Other innovations include the carport, wall-hung water  closets and metal office furniture, to name a few. Also included  are letters to and from Wright which give insight into the interaction of the client and the architect in regards to Kansas projects.